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CHEMTAN E-32 Neutral phenolic retanning agent
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CHEMTAN E-32 Neutral phenolic retanning agent

Product parameters

CHEMTAN E-32 Neutral Phenolic Synthetic Tannins, which give chrome tanned leather excellent lightfastness, good filling, softness, bleach, and uniformity and bright colors. Usually with a heavy weight of 5 to 10% used after chrome retanning, before fattening. Such as the use of light pound skin, can be used with grease to help oil even penetration.


Basic physical properties:
      PH: 7.0 (CONC.)
      Effective content: 50 + 2%
      Ionicity: Anion
      Appearance: transparent, slightly sticky, light red liquid


CHEMTAN E-32 is a filled disperse tannin that can be used for vegetable tanning or chrome tanned leather to enhance the average and rapid absorption of tanning.

CHEMTAN E-32 can also be used in the neutralization stage, because it has a good dispersion of salts or inorganic salts, moderate bleaching and bead filling. For dyeing when the acid dye has a mordant effect, so that the color is more uniform and compact grain surface. Especially for white or light-colored leather can be a good sense of uniformity and light resistance.

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