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RT-NP Naphthol condensation tanning agent
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RT-NP Naphthol condensation tanning agent

Product parameters

Basic physical properties:
Appearance: beige powder
Effective content: ≥ 95%
PH value (10%): 3.5 ~ 4.5


RT-NP gives leather the following features:
    RT-NP is a naphthol condensation type replacement tanning agent that can be used for retanning of blue wet leather and can also be used as a pre-tanning in all plant tanning chrome.
    RT-NP gives leather fine grain, used with plant tanned leather, can help plant tanning agent quickly penetrate and disperse, can get excellent fullness and soft feel, and get meticulous, anti-disturbing grain.
    The use of RT-NP, especially goat leather, can be finely smoothed, suitable for finishing leather or polished leather.


Instructions for use:
    The amount of tanning used for the nude leather weight of 1-3%; for wetting the wet blue tanned, the recommended amount of shaving for the heavy 3-6%; vegetable tanning retanning, the recommended amount of shaving Of 4-8%.

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