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Product parameters

Basic physical properties:
Ingredients: Acrylic copolymer
Effective content: 39% + 1%
PH: 2 ~ 4
Specific gravity (28 ℃): 1.245
Nature: this is a resin retanning agent, can give the leather excellent filling.


Instructions for use :
Can use 2 to 5% of the amount of RT-118 before chrome retanning, the normal retanning stage or after the use of fat. Using RT-118 on the skin, available:
1) loose surface has a good filling, and OIL-11 or E-33 common use can get a good feel feel bubble.
2) used alone in the chrome before tanning, can give leather a sense of solid feel more easy to leather.

RT-118 can be used in admixture with most synthetic tanning agents or vegetable tanning agents.

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