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RT-ASW Phenolic replacement tanning agent
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RT-ASW Phenolic replacement tanning agent

Product parameters

product manual:
Basic properties: phenolic replacement tanning agent
Appearance: white powder
Solid content: 95% or more
Ionicity: Anionic
Solubility: quickly dissolved in cold, hot water
Light resistance: very good
PH: 3.0 to 4.0 (10%)
Shelf life: in the cool normal room temperature, no limit


RT-ASW gives leather the following features:
1, very suitable for chrome tanning and tanning of vegetable tanning.
2, give the leather a good sense of fullness and soft feel.
3, can increase the grain thickness and grain surface elasticity.
4, and other plant retanning agent used together, can help plant tanning agent rapid penetration and dispersion.
5, especially introduced in the use of sheep leather soft leather, leather soft leather, furniture leather and all kinds of
       Aniline leather.
6, because of its excellent light resistance, is also very suitable for white.

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