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HR-330 Soft dry filling resin
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HR-330 Soft dry filling resin

Product parameters

HR-330 is an acrylic latex emulsion polymer for leather, which has good permeability to leather and can be used as a resin for full-grain leather and abrasive leather.


Appearance: ultrafine particles translucent liquid
Effective content: 22 ± 1%
PH (20 ° C): 8 ± 1
Ionicity: Anion
Coating more degree: very soft


1) excellent permeability, and will not cause the body hardened.
2) can be used as a full grain of leather and two layers of leather dry filling resin to prevent loosening phenomenon.
3) for the whole grain of leather on the finish, can keep the grainy lines, the natural appearance
        And a good feel.
4) suitable for leather, leather, leather, soft leather, such as soft leather finish

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