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Product parameters

RT-SW is a special synthetic tanning agent for the manufacture of blister leather


Basic features:
Concentration: 50% ± 2
PH value (5%): about 1.0 ± 0.5


Basic nature:
RT-SW is a medium consistency liquid product that can be freely diluted with water
1 good shrinkage effect, the formation of uniform blister leather surface
2 for the skin of the tight and loose parts have a consistent shrinking effect.
3 for all skin are applicable.
4 easy to use
5 skin color lighter


Instructions for use:
Shadows will be affected by the following factors:
(1) the thickness of naked skin
(2) moisture content of naked skin
(3) process control temperature (generally controlled at 30 ~ 350C)
(4) the size of the liquid ratio (general control 0.5 ±)
(5) the amount of shrinkage agent and so on
If you want to achieve the ideal shrinkage effect, please contact our technical staff!

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