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CHEMTAN Hair removal additives FR-62
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CHEMTAN Hair removal additives FR-62

Product parameters

chemical composition
Fatty amines


This product is used with sodium sulfide or sodium hydride for the liming stage to improve the depilation process. The reduction in the amount of sulfide can reduce the biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand of the leather.

Chemtan Unhairing Assit FR-62 reduces skin scale and makes the skin clean. Reducing grain shrinkage increases the rate of change. In the debris collection phase, Chemtan Unhairing Assist FR-62 improves the solubility of lime, allowing lime to penetrate more quickly and evenly into the leather, with a certain cushioning effect that will make the gray belly and its belly loose. Because of its high PH value can be shared with sodium sulfide and sodium sulfide and does not produce sulfur gas, if the pH value of leaching will be toxic sulfur gas generated.


Basic physical properties
Appearance: transparent blue liquid
Effective content: 30% ± 1
PH: 10.5-12.5

It is recommended to use 1.0 to 1.5% of Chemtan Unhairing Assist FR-62 in the limb leaching stage, where the amount of sulfide can be reduced by 1.25% to 1.5%.
Chemtan Unhairing Assist FR-62 is usually added in two times during the deburring and leaching stage, and 1.0% is added to the first sulfide and 0.5% when the second sulfide is added or applied to the fly ash stage.

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