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Product parameters

This product is used in the liming stage together with sodium sulphide or sodium hydrogen sulphide to improve the hair removal process; and to prevent excessive swelling of the surface alkali during the liming stage. Reduce the biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand of the leather in the case of a reduced amount of sulfide.

SL-30 or SL-40 reduces skin scaling, leaving the skin surface clean and reducing grain shrinkage to increase the rate of leather.

In the ash-removing stage, SL-30 or SL-40 can increase the solubility of lime, allowing lime to penetrate into the leather more quickly and evenly, with a certain slowing effect. So that the gray belly and belly should not become loose.

Because of the high pH, ​​it can be used with sodium sulfide and sodium hydrogen sulfide without generating sulfur. (If the pH value of the liming is lowered, toxic sulfur gas will be produced.)

Main ingredient: fatty amine
Content: 30± 2% (SL-30)
            40±2% (SL-40)
PH value: 9 ~ 11.5
Appearance: transparent liquid


Recommended usage:
1.5% SL-30 or SL-40 is generally recommended during the depilation stage. On the basis of this amount, the amount of sulfide can be reduced by 0.5 to 1.0%. SL-30 or SL-40 is usually added in two portions during the depilation and liming stage, and is added with 1.0% of SL-30 or SL-40 when the first sulfide is added. When the second sulfide is added, 0.5% can be used or applied to the fly ash stage.

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