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BATE R Softening enzyme

Product parameters

BATE R is a pure pancreatic enzyme, it does not contain any synthetic enzymes and desiccant, its vitality unit is 1200PC / G.


Used in the amount of the original skin:
                   (Use amount) (operating time) (water temperature ° C)
   Small cowhide 0.2% 45 minutes 32 to 34 250%
   Medium-sized leather 0.3% 60 points 32 ~ 34 250%
   Large leather 0.4% 75 points 32 ~ 34 250%
   Pigskin 1.2% 3 to 4 hours 32 to 38 25%
   Sheep skin 0.2% -0.4% 30-50 points 34 to 36 150%


The effect of the enzyme is affected by the following factors:
- the original skin type, finished leather requirements.
- before and after use.
- hardness of water.


The user uses the following factors to correct the amount:
- Enzyme type, ingredient, concentration.
- PH value when used.
- the time of operation and the drum speed.

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