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BATE AC Blue wet chrome tanning oil fermentation softening agent
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BATE AC Blue wet chrome tanning oil fermentation softening agent

Product parameters

Nature: solid composition 90%
           PH 4.5-5.0


BATE AC is used in PH3.0 to 4.5 of the glycolytic softener, can be used in chrome tanning before pickling, and then tanning before the resurgence.
BATE AC can also be used in the import of leaching, chrome tanned leather, fat after the finished leather, due to long-term storage and transportation so that the skin becomes dry, hardened, adjustable acid to acidic PH value of the scope of use.
BATE AC is ideal for regain moisture and softening of blue chrome tanned leather, especially chrome tanned leather that is dried by poor storage.


1. After the fermentation of acid
     The bovine upper leather is co-added with re-formic acid using 0.4-0.6 with the salt
     Bovine soft leather was added with 10% salt with re-formic acid
     Sheepskin uses 1.2% after deacidification using PH = 4.5-5
2. Red wet chrome tanned leather tide with the use of heavy use 1.5%

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