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HF-516 filler

Product parameters

HF-516 is a very fine, opaque, non-waxy, high solids inert clay dispersant; suitable for the base of the bead skin and ground coat, can produce dry feeling and non-stick characteristics.
HF-516 has excellent performance of the pressure plate and embossing, it can make the dark side of the leather and prevent the leather surface empty feeling, this situation is common in the bead skin and grinding skin processing.
HF-516 can also be used as "colorless paint" to enhance the coating hiding power.


Specifications :
   Effective content: 45% + 2%
   PH: 7.5 + 1


Instructions for use :
A) plus the total weight of resin 5 to 20% can become dry or increase the filling effect.
B) All or part of the HF-516 may be used instead of the coating in the Aniline Coats.

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