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HD-18 Oily matting agent

Product parameters

HD-18 for multi-purpose, high concentration of extinction dispersant, with oily varnish or a liquid type patent leather varnish dissolved. HD-18 can produce a dry feel, use less to adjust the brightness of the varnish.
We do not recommend HD-18 to be used with the invariant yellow white oil HL-706, HL-707. Even so, it can still be added to these products, even if added to 10% of the HD-18, it will not produce precipitation.


Specifications :
   Effective content: 22% + 1%
   Extinction effect: 20


Instructions for use :
Adjust the brightness of the varnish, HD-18 can be added to the weight of light oil 5 ~ 15%, is not recommended alone with butyl acetate used together.

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