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Product parameters

Chemical composition: A mixture of special oils.


Basic physical properties:
Appearance: Amber liquid
Solid content: ≥98%


※ used in pure plant tanning leather soaked, can get excellent softness.
※ Suitable for leather that requires lasting and rich oil.
※ It is resistant to water resistance and reduces water absorption.
※ Solvent discoloration oil with strong discoloration effect.



Leather features:
※ lasting rich sense of oil.
※ can improve water supply.
※ Compatible with silicone.

※ Apply to plant tanning leather, available "soaking", "roller", "brush" or "spray" and so on, according to the use of the desired degree of softness.
※ can be diluted without solvent, the use of heated roller coating roller, the temperature heated to 55-60 ℃ when the best results.
※ FA-202 can be mixed with other oil and wax according to the desired effect, adjust the different proportions to achieve the required oil wax sensation.
※ It is dissolved in a variety of solvents, the amount used in accordance with the use of machinery and equipment and the absorption of leather material may be, FA-202 and silicone mixed with the use of leather can enhance the waterproof bending effect.

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